Hiking is a fantastic way to take in the outdoors while getting exercise. But hiking can be really hard on your feet if you don't have the proper hiking boots. This blog discusses several things you should consider before purchasing hiking boots. Keep this list handy while shopping to ensure you buy boots perfect for you.

What to Consider When Buying Hiking Boots

If you wear ill-fitting hiking boots, these can be just as bad as wearing no hiking boots. And if your hiking boots aren't designed to handle the terrain and weather conditions you usually hike in, you could encounter various related problems. Consider these questions when shopping for hiking boots.

What's Comfortable for Your Feet?

The most important thing by far when it comes to purchasing hiking boots is getting the fit right. If you have too small a boot, for example, you may get blisters and hematomas.

Have foot issues? You should purchase hiking boots from a store that makes specialty footwear. A sales associate will likely have you walk on an incline board so you can get a feel for the boots and see if they're too small.

You'll need to consider this when selecting boots if you wear special orthotics. Make sure you get boots that can accommodate your orthotics.

What Kind of Terrain Do You Encounter?

Do you frequently hike rocky trails? Then you'll need boots that can accommodate these. On the other hand, if the trails you hike are smooth for the most part, you don't have to wear boots with extra traction. Remember that if you wear boots that aren't designed to handle rugged terrain, you could injure yourself or damage the boots quickly.

How Much Weight Do You Carry on Hikes?

Considering how much weight you bring on your hikes is important as well. If you're not carrying much, you shouldn't have a problem with lightweight boots. But if you have a heavy pack, and therefore more pressure is on your legs and feet while hiking, you'll need to wear larger boots with more cushion.

What Kind of Weather Do You Hike In?

Do you only go out for hikes in the sunshine, or do you hit the trails in both rain and shine? You should get water-resistant hiking boots if you're constantly battling the rain, puddles, and overflowing rivers while hiking.

Water-resistant hiking boots will keep your feet from getting soggy, allowing you to complete your hike no matter how wet the conditions are. Many hiking boots are manufactured with a special membrane that prevents water from entering the interior, and moisture can easily escape these boots.

Shopping in Store vs. Online

If you can purchase hiking boots in a store, you should do this instead of buying boots online. This way, you can have a specialist look at your feet to determine which hiking boots are best. And if you tell them what kind of hiking you do regularly, they can use this information to select the best boots for you.

Test Out Hiking Boots at the Hatchet Resort

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