Did you know that around nine in 10 realtors recommend that homeowners boost curb appeal before putting their homes on the market?

What impression are people left with when they view the exterior of your home? Rather than being an airy-fairy concept, curb appeal is essential and can significantly impact your home's valuation. That's important whether you relocate or stay put.

Consider these five ways to improve your home's curb appeal through exterior projects.

1. Landscaping

Investing in landscaping is one way to move the needle on curb appeal. It's about having a well-manicured lawn, trimming the shrubs and hedges, planting trees, installing a retaining wall, creating and maintaining flower and vegetable gardens, and more. When landscaping is done professionally and regularly, your property will be more visually appealing.

2. Roof

The average roof can last between 25 years and 50 years. The roofing system material, installation, and maintenance are things that will factor into the longevity of your roof. But when it's on its last proverbial legs, you'll want to change it sooner rather than later.

Your roof doesn't just provide many functional benefits -- like regulating internal temperature and keeping the elements outdoors. It can also have a big impact on curb appeal. If your old roof is missing shingles or damaged, it will detract from the overall look of your property.

Getting the right roofing system will provide aesthetic and functional benefits that raise curb appeal. And since roofs last decades, you may never have to replace yours after getting a new one.

3. Replacement Windows

Windows can last a long time, but they'll be an eyesore if wear and tear gets the better of them. Some replacement window types require more maintenance than others -- and some windows will last longer than others. If you have an old home with single-pane windows still in place, that's reason enough for an immediate upgrade with better windows. Single-pane windows don't provide the energy efficiency of double- or triple-pane windows.

When it's time to upgrade your windows, consider the various frame materials available. A replacement window project can give your home's exterior and interior a new lease on life. You'll see the aesthetic benefits immediately, and you'll save money since energy efficient windows with inert gas between the panes of glass will mean lower utility bills.

4. Painting

Don't underestimate the benefits of giving the exterior of your home a facelift with a few coats of premium paint. It can be an especially cost-effective way to increase curb appeal. According to one source, painting your home's exterior could yield a return on investment north of 150%. You can turn a drab exterior into something with some pop that boosts curb appeal off the charts.

5. Remodeling

Another way to increase your home's curb appeal is by completing exterior remodeling. Finding a design and build company specializing in exterior remodels can elevate your entire residence. So, if your home needs more of a facelift than a paint job can offer, consider a project that can boost your home's curb appeal and safeguard its structure from the elements.

When you find the right company, they'll help you conceptualize what you want done to your home, explain the process, and help you make informed decisions. Whether you want to put your home up for sale or wish to stay, the value of a remodeling project means you'll come out ahead.

These are a few examples of exterior projects to consider if you want to improve curb appeal. Weigh your options and decide which project or projects make sense for you. Curb appeal is something to take seriously. Projects like the ones listed above can help you increase yours.