An average of 15 million households across the country move every year. With most of these households containing more than two people, it's easy to see how moving can turn into a stressful life event. Fortunately, it can be easier with the help of a professional moving service. While DIY moving is an option, the investment in professional movers is totally worth it, according to most people who have used them.

What can a professional moving service do for you? The list is long! The cost of their help is well worth it for most households for the reasons below:

- Time Saving

- Packing

- Unpacking

- Transportation

- Loading

- Unloading

Save Time on Packing with Help

Most households will take at least a few days to pack up, depending on how much furniture and belongings are owned. The general rule is that a condo will take 1-2 days to pack, a two-bedroom home will take 2-3 days to pack, and a four-bedroom home will take 4-6 days to pack. Finding the time to properly wrap your things up safely and properly pack them into boxes can be stressful and add more time to the overall packing process. When you hire a professional, they take care of every part of packing so you can focus on other things.

Reduce Your Stress with Transportation

After packing your belongings, movers will place everything into a moving trailer for transport. Boxes and furniture are always secured down with ratchet straps to ensure as little movement as possible is experienced. From there, a truck driver will take care of transportation so you don't have to worry about driving a large truck yourself. Having a driver take care of this means you can fly or drive your own car to your new home without the burden of renting a large trailer.

Tip: Have your movers load and unload the moving truck to reduce your risk of injury. Their experience means they know the safest ways to lift and carry. They also have the appropriate tools to get heavy items into your house with minimal strain.

Save Time with Unpacking Service

Most households take weeks to unpack when people are busy working, going to school, and living their lives. Professional movers can reduce your stress by putting boxes into their appropriate rooms and placing items where you want them to go. This can give you time to focus on your everyday life without boxes scattered everywhere. A team of movers takes far less time to get everything done because they are fast, efficient, and skilled.

A Less Stressful Move

When you hire professionals to take care of moving for you, the packing, transportation, and unpacking will all be done faster and more efficiently. Additionally, a professional team will ensure your belongings are safe every step of the way thanks to their knowledge and experience. Whether you're moving a small condo or a large house, a professional moving company will ultimately save you a lot of time. This can allow you to focus on the other things you need to do while moving without adding a lot more stress.